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Top 10 Tips for Aspiring Students

by Ameena

1. Passion.

Make sure you really want to do architecture, so that you know what to expect. You have to love designing or do some sort of art and creativity.

2. Be open minded.

What I mean by being open minded is that of course during your architectural studies you will have to face lectures and crit panels that will make you question on if your design is good enough, or if you’re good enough for this. Don’t think just because they dislike your design that doesn’t mean you are bad at designing or that you will fail. My lecturer once told me “if you have all the criteria check out then for sure you won’t fail even if they hate your design.”

3. If you procrastinate, don’t.

I know usually high school, you tend to procrastinate, but if you are looking at taking architecture then try and stop that habit as it will definitely make you stress. Leaving work out for last minute when you are taking architecture course is a big no no. With architecture you need time so start early, and that way maybe you can sleep for a little bit more, which takes me to my next tip.

4. Know that you won’t sleep.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people already knows this. When you take architecture no matter what you just wont sleep, its so common that its like tradition, and it becomes a lifestyle. So, if you are planning on taking architecture be prepared.

5. Hi caffeine.

Whether its coffee or tea, caffeine will be one of your power supplies to help you through the long sleepless night. Like me, I use to not drink as much coffee and was more of a matcha person but ever since my last semester coffee became my best friend.

6. Know that architecture is teamwork.

Even if you are doing an individual work, make sure to help one another. I got that from an architect speaker that came to my uni. He said “try tapping with one finger on your palm. There’s a very small sound, but now try gradually adding another and another until you are clapping that’s team work. The sound is bigger making you achieve more.”

7. Get a sketch pad to bring everywhere.

Not entirely necessary, but it does help. Most of my lecturers says this, once you get a task to design something, an idea won’t show up in an instant. An idea can turn up anytime so its better to jot it down when it pops up no matter where. Even in the toilet!

8. Money - not seen.

If you are planning on taking architecture, know that you will be spending money. You will spend money on buying materials after materials and will be printing tons for paper for the course so just a heads up on that.

9. Backup and saving are your best friend.

Please make sure that when you take architecture, backups and saving every 5 minutes is a must, trust me. You don’t want to go through hours and hours of work and having it deleted in 2 seconds at 3AM when submission is at 8AM. A nightmare! So, save that work! And back it up!

10. Last but not least ask and never give up.

Ask for tutorials during class and out of class time. I feel like this is important, always ask for a tutorial the day before the design class because it really helps. When you get help the day before it makes you more prepare for the class, and also never give up. Every time you do a tutorial your lecturers will change your design a lot, so you will have to redo countless amount of times, just keep pushing to the finish line.

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