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Playing around with Graphics

From sketch on paper to draughting on the desktop, a lot of the final product requires careful selection of the right mode of representation.

Graphic and visual positioning of the work is important and we’re pretty picky about it!

This was a proposal for a little kindergarten. We wanted a storybook child like format to represent the design intent

This was the first attempt which turned out a little bit too overboard and a bit too soft. The design form was strong. So it was back to the drawing board.

This second attempt felt more like a tudong boutique flyer or invite. Somehow it didn’t work. Hopefully 3rd times the charm.

In the end, we settled on this one. Partly due to the deadline looming near! We liked it. It has the combination of sketch – ish – kid clouds with bright bold forms. Some of the clouds reminds me of those stamp exercises where kids would have to slice out shapes from potatoes and dip them in ink to create stamp art.

This works.

It’ll do and we love it.

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