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Ilegal extensions

There’s been letters that have come across my table. Owners, tenants being notified on the works done without proper planning permits!!

All private and confidential information have been ommitted from the image for safeguard of the owner.

However you can see, the authorities are clamping down on properties which are outfitted without the proper permits.

And rightly so, towards better governance, it’s a step in the right direction.

If you do receive any letters such as this, it would be wise to make contact with them directly and seek your Architect for advice.

ABCi Department can be found along Old Airport Road and the help desk is on the 1st floor. Head there and look for personnel who would be able to assist.

Its probably a good idea to write another article on what kind of works require proper permits. That’s another article folks!

Till then, thank you for reading

Post first appeared on Ask An Architect

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