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How useful are Interns?

We’ve always been involved in the industry and having interns join us from time to time is exciting as well as rewarding. It allows to give back to the community and these wee little bundles of joy come to us fresh and full of life and not jaded by the ahem harsh realities of the profession.

We give them a taste of reality and hopefully they emerge like butterflies from the cocoon ready to embark on their journey. Recently we’ve had 2 interns join us from Politeknik Brunei.

In the efforts of localization, the institution has worked closely with the various organizations to ensure the students are industry ready. I have to say, I have been impressed with the standard and quality of the newer intakes.

They have open minds, a willingness to work hard and are independent in their delivery of tasks. They have the skill sets required and we are very fortunate to have this advantage of a few extra helping hands around the office.

Well done to them. So how useful are they? In our opinion, it’s our honor to be part of their learning and discovery. We only hope we guide them well.

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