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How can I extend my housing scheme home?

We’ve been fortunate to have an ongoing contract to act as their licensed firm processing the RPN housing renovations for housing schemes in Brunei otherwise known as Skim Perumahan Negara.

There are numerous schemes dotted all around Brunei from Mengkubau, Panchor to Mentiri to Rataie in Temburong

As you can see the schemes are designed to be typical. What that means is every unit is designed identical and built for the masses.

Many home owners who are fortunate enough to be awarded one of these units will then usually want to personalize them. Usually any renovation would have to be submitted and an application permit for building would need to be obtained in accordance with the law.

Lately there’s been a new guideline that will be put in place.

Whereas in the past, the owner would have to adhere to the setback guidelines, now the authorities are regulating the directions allowed for expansion. The corner units may not extend past the existing widths thereby allowing the owner to only expand frontwards.

This will ensure a more streamlined and visually appealing neighborhood. Do consult your contractor & architect before any application is made.

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