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Desperate for Interest

Chatting with an old friend and sharing woes on the industry.

This comic just about sums it up sometimes. Its a recent trend nowadays to be selling our services like you would at the pasar tamu!

EOI for those who are unfamiliar, stands for Expression of Interest. But as life would have it, in reality it hardly seems a mere expression of interest! Not at all!

The phrase “Expression” itself seems to imply more like, yea, I’m interested, why not?

Sure, sounds good. Maybe we could discuss further? Let’s see if it’s mutually beneficial?

In fact it feels more like .. I’m desperate for your interest.

Please, oh won’t you please look here.
You want a masterplan? Sure, here you go.
Ok tell you what, I’m gonna give you a render for free! You want a 3D? You’re expecting it? Ok sure here take it.
Oh? Not enough? Ok here’s option 1, option 2.. what else ?

Take my heart and soul while you’re at it. Oh by the way, it’s all for free yea! In the glorious spirit and loving expression of interest!

If a man tried to woo a girl that way, he wouldn’t score a date for sure!

Desperate for Interest

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