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Closing of the year

There was a good turn out at the briefing today. With gracious breakfast snacks served, everyone eased into the hall which incidentally is always freezing so jackets are a must!

With a brief opening on the general professional code of conducts, it's probably noteworthy that every consultant requires registration with the relevant ministry in Brunei. Without which, it is an offence to pass oneself off as a architect, engineer, surveyor and such.

With the act in place, there are penalties for those found to be in breach of not more than B$10,000 for the first offence.

TCP Statistics

The agenda was an overview of TCP Town & Country Planning activities for the year and a sharing on the number of applications for the year 2017.

TCP received an average of 44 applications per month for 2017. That's roughly 01 a day with most of them being from Bandar area.

With over 90% of the applications clustered in the residential sector and commercial, industrial & other sectors making up the remaining percentage.

We were also shown statistics of the areas which caused delays in approvals which was very helpful for the industry. In all it was a pleasant way to start the morning.

As always, thank you for reading.

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