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Banks & Loans

Updated: Nov 19, 2017

Here a a few tips to bear in mind!!

Money matters again. Today I’ll be sharing some information on banks and loans.

Most people will seek some form of financial assistance in order to get their construction off the ground.

How many names?

Some people consider joint loans taken out by both husband and wife. From the land department’s standpoint, the approvals are issued to the namesake on the land title.

So if say, the land title is in the Mr’s name, then legally, he would be the landowner and all Building approvals would be issued to him.

Now, banks are a bit different. If it’s a joint loan, they would need the approvals to be issued to both names.Clarify this in advance with your Architect and advise them on how you intend to finance the building.

Will ID be included in your loan?

Most people are unaware that ID Interior Design works can add up to quite a substantial sum.

Sometimes they’re too caught up in the home design and tend to leave this part to the end thinking, “I’ll build the house first, then the ID can come later”

If you wish for the ID works to be financed as well, the banks need to see indications of these in the approved drawings. Don’t leave this to the end!

So there you go, these 2 banking related pointers should set you in the right direction.

Be prepared early and you’ll avoid troublesome delays.

Lastly, nothing cannot be solved. If say, you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation and you’ve only just read this article, well then, you can always Ask your Architect.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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