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2018 newest updates

We're off to a busy start with not just 1, not 2 but 3 industry events & dialogue sessions in the month of January alone. These will separate posts coming soon.

Here I'd like to recap the closing of last year and the updates rolled out just before the year closed.

Maybe this new introduction will encourage decisiveness in the future?

One of the major new improvements had to do with the submission procedures and this notice was implemented on the 23rd of November. This is a strong departure from previous procedures where by changes were able to be carried out during construction of the project provided all changes remained within guidelines.

This is still allowed! Don't panic just yet!

Changes may still take place, you can still decide to shift a window or two, just be mindful that at the end of the project, one more round of approvals will be needed before occupation permit will be granted.

In layman terms, you can't move in until everything has been vetted once more by the Authorities and safety is ensured. Only then may the final permit will be granted.

See it as double safety precaution and ease of mind. Of course, the easiest way most economical way would be to know what you want before you sign off on the approved designs!

Thanks for reading & have a great year ahead

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